Coffee + Oatmeal = Motivation?

Last night I went to do some shopping at World Market and guess what I found? The PERFECT cup for this blog! Coffee Time! My obsession with coffee has been growing lately and I’m getting worried. I don’t want to drink that much that will affect my health. Like they said, everything in moderation. But, I would do like to become one of those coffee snobs that grind their own coffee and have fancy coffee makers …. for now, I’ll stick with my $10 coffee maker plus this adorable little cup!

For brekkie I had oatmeal + 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder + 1 tbsp peanut butter + a few sprinkles of apple granola. This really kept me full for a long time!

Lunch was the leftovers from yesterday’s dinner and today’s dinner was Rotisserie chicken, plus potatoes and a dinner roll. It was an easy dinner since I went to the office today and didn’t have time to cook.

Ever feel like it’s hard to stay motivated to eat healthy and stay fit? I think we all have days like that. Today is one of those for me. Instead of going to the gym, I feel like I could just stay home and watch TV or cruise the internet. But I don’t give myself a choice to do that so I suck it up and I’ll be going in a few minutes. Hmmm… well, motivation won’t keep me going to the gym to stay in shape. I know I cannot rely on motivation to keep me going since that changes from day to day. What you need is commitment and believe in yourself that even on those days that you feel like you suck, you’re still going to stay on track. Don’t give yourself a way out of it. Your only option is to succeed. Stay focused on your goals. Don’t flake on yourself. Show up as planned and do your best!

Today’s workout is:
Dumbbell presses on flat bench 45lbs (on each hand) x 8 (reps) x 3 (sets)
Barbell presses on incline bench 85 x 6 x 3 (I was doing 90 but I had to go down 5 lbs on Sunday since I felt kind of weak)
Cable crossovers 10lbs x 10 x 3

Lat pulldown 100 x 7 x 2 (to the front) 85 x 7 x 2 to the back
Hammer low row 105 x 7 x 3


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