Oh my achy body!

This week we started a new routine at the gym (you got to change it every 6 weeks or so to keep challenching your muscles) so my body aches all over! It’s a good feeling but man I’m moving slower than I usually do.

I’m not as strong in the gym these days since I’m not eating a lot. I’m trying to stay lean for the summer since Paul and I are going on a cruise at the end of September! I’m so excited about this! Can’t wait!

Here are my workouts this week:

Monday – Chest & Back
Bench – 105 lbs x 6×1, 105 x5x1, 105 x 4×1. I think I will be going down on this one to 95lbs since I’m struggling a lot with this weight.
Pec Dec – 60lbs x10x3

Chin ups
bodyweight x5x3
DB rows 70x8x3

Wednesday – Leg & Triceps
Squats – 175lbs x 7×3 (I went way down on this ones. I used to do 195!)
Stiff leg deadlifts – 125lbs x 8×3
Step ups – 25lbs (on each hand) x10x3
Calves on leg press machine – 90lbs x 15×4

2 hand DB extensions – 35lbs x8x3
Smith Machine close grips – 105lbs x 8×3
Hammer tricep machine (pressdowns) – 130lbs x 8×3

Thursday – Shoulders & Biceps
Military Presses – 70lbs x7x3
EZ bar upright rows – 70lbs x 8×3
Seated bentover back – 25lbs DB x 8×3

(disclaimer: on biceps we’re doing high repetitions for a change. We normally go heavy but not for the next 6 weeks)
Close grip cable curls – 15lbs x 20×3
DB concentration curls – 10lbs x 18×3
Preacher machine – 40lbs x10x3

That’s all for now guys! I’m going to a work happy hour today so my goal is not to eat TOO bad! We’re going to Dos Gringos so Chicken Fajitas come to mind lol!

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