Weekend Update

Another weekend goes by – so fast! Spent time with Paul & Andrew. We went to see the movie Inception. Not bad but the previews pretty much showed all the good effects. Eats this weekend were at the “Joe” establishments here in Gilbert. Joe runs three great restaurants. We ate at two of them – Liberty Market & pictured below Joe’s BBQ. YUMMY! I cheated REAL bad. Ate a burger on Saturday AND ribs and chicken on Sunday. LOL. Me and Paul did workout on Sunday for 2 1/2 hours so I guess it wasn’t all that bad. Right?

Ribs & Chicken at Joe’s BBQ.

I can’t believe I’m eating these! LOL

That Coke bottle must have been doing something strange!

PB Loves AF!

My son is growing up! Can you believe how tall he is? Teenage boys LOVE getting their photo taken with mom.

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