End of Week(end)

Last week came and went in light speed! I can’t believe my son goes back to Camp Pendleton on Tuesday. We had a get together for him last night with friends and family and we had a great time. I don’t think this house has ever seen so many teenagers at once! What a great kids they are. Towards the end of the night when 4 were still here plus my two sons, they decided to start playing Monopoly. I knew then it was my time to retire for the night so I grabbed a glass of Layered Cake Primitivo to help me relax after a hard working day of course lol!

After I fell asleep I kept waking up and kept hearing voices here and there so I figured the teens were still hanging out. This morning, to my surprise, the guys were still here! It turns out that they were playing Xbox 360 all of that time! Only guys can do that! I don’t think you would ever see a group of females playing video games from 2 am to 12 pm!

Trying to be a good mom (the key word here is “trying” hehe!) I decided to make them some good ol’ fashion pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Since I ate so MUCH yesterday I decided to make my own low calorie pancakes to start my week on a good note. The recipe for these pancakes can be found HERE

For the peanut butter in this recipe I used Dark Chocolate Dreams…. I can’t tell you enough how much I’m enjoying this flavor now. I think my white chocolate bar is getting a little jealous of dark chocolate. I may have to mix the two tomorrow to keep both of them happy 😀

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