My Bucket List

I started my bucket list a while ago and I kind of forgot about it. I want to put it here on my blog to remind me of it and actually work on completing it. I already have achieved a few of the items and you’ll see a mark next to it. As I complete the remaining tasks, I will post about it and share my experiences here.

Do you have a bucket list? What things do you wish to do before you die? I would love to hear about them!

100 things to do before I die…

1. Go to Italy
2. Go for a hike ✔
3. Buy a loft
4. Organize and print my personal photos
5. Take up yoga
7. Learn a third language: Italian
8. Go to the movies by myself
9. Learn to cook a really good roast
10. Take dance lessons
11. Blog every day for a month ✔
12. Start and actually finish a photography project
13. Go to San Francisco ✔
14. Do not do any work on Sundays for 3 months
15. Get a dog
16. Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
17. Get in really good shape ✔
18. Take a road trip just for fun
19. Visit my family more often
20. Learn to make flour tortillas
21. Rollerblade once a week for 1 month
22. Go horseback riding
23. Throw a party ✔
24. Go to Chicago ✔
25. Learn about the stock market and invest $1000
26. Call a friend I haven’t talked to in a long time
27. Be a co-pilot of an acrobat jet (for fun)
28. Go back to New York City ✔
29. Stay at a secluded beach house for 3 days
30. Do nothing for 2 days except, read, sleep and relax.
31. Call three friends I haven’t talked to in awhile
32. Volunteer somewhere
33. Cook dinner at least twice a week for three months ✔
34. Hire an assistant to help me with administrative work
35. Do something nice for someone anonymously✔
36. Be good & creative at still photography
37. Take a cruise
38. Ride a motorcycle with Paul for one day
39. Go on a picnic
40. Go to a baseball, football or basketball game and be on first row ✔
41. Be 100% Mac ✔
42. Create a website for high school seniors photos
43. Invest in Real Estate (not just my own home)
44. Play on a softball team for fun
45. Take a vacation and not bring my phone or laptop
46. Shoot a celebrity’s family ✔
47. Get an awesome blog! ✔
48. Learn to play tennis
49. Learn about different wines
50. Take scuba diving lessons
51. Continue shooting on-location
52. Get a nose stud ✔
53. Detail my car
54. Go camping and wear a snuggie
55. Encourage or mentor an upcoming girl photographer ✔
56. No cheat meals for one month.
57. Do some form of cardio for 6 months at least once a week.
58. Get a live plant and keep it alive for more than a month ✔
59. Decorate my bedroom
60. Start oil painting again
61. Buy a beautiful painting ✔
62. Get professional teeth whitening
63. Visit my brother & family that lives far away in Mexico
64. Be part of the audience of a talk show
65. Wear a bikini in a public beach (yikes!)
66. Get a facial (never had one!)
67. Get a massage (never had one!)
68. Get rid of everything that I don’t need and doesn’t add any value to my life.
69. Go to Old Country Buffet and binge on their bread pudding. Yum!
70. Transition to a paperless office ✔
71. Read three books in 6 months
72. Teach a photography class ✔
73. Deadlift 250 lbs for at least two reps
74. Work on listening more than I talk and not interrupting ✔
75. Save 10% of what I earn for one year
76. Resist the urge to buy some expensive item of clothing and do something important with the money instead✔
77. Do a Figure competition show.
78. Give my car a great detail job
79. Take up Karate again… even if it’s just for fun.
80. Learn to cook a good meatloaf
81. Do 10 pull ups
82. Take the boys back to Magic Mountain
83. Learn Buddhism
84. Be debt free
85. Grow my own herbs (and keep them alive for more than a month!)
86. Paint an abstract painting
87. Take a cooking class for fun
88. Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty.
89. Write a letter to my sons telling them what I want them to know about my life and the lessons I’ve learned.
90. TBD
91. TBD
92. TBD
93. TBD
94. TBD
95. TBD
96. TBD
97. TBD
98. TBD
99. TBD
100. Buy a super fast sports car – ha ha!

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  • 09/18/2010 - 6:30 am

    Stefanie - You have car detailing on here twice. I have comments about some of the others,but it’s late so I am going to bed, and will get back to you.ReplyCancel

  • 09/18/2010 - 6:31 am

    Stefanie - Oh and you could have had #67 checked off by now!ReplyCancel

  • 09/19/2010 - 3:06 pm

    Ana C. - Lol! You’re right! I have car detailing twice! I have to fix that soon :-) hmmm what shall I replace it with? Any suggestions?ReplyCancel

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