What to do with grilled chicken

Seems like I’m always on the go. My goal this year was to simplify my life so that I wouldn’t have to always be running around like a chicken without a head :-D. Even though I have made some changes, still feels like I don’t have enough hours in the day for everything I want to do. Doesn’t everybody feel that way anyway? I think I just have way too many interests in life and just have to work on balancing it all.

One thing that I always make sure though is not to neglect my nutrition. I always have healthy foods at hand so that I’m not tempted to grab junk food if I get hungry and don’t have time to cook. And yes, I do keep some junk food in my house since I have two teenage boys (and Paul lol!)! I can’t make them eat 100% healthy 100% of the time! Anyhow…. I’m going to give you one tip that helps me stay on track. One day a week, I grill a bunch of chicken so that I can eat throughout the week. I just love my protein! Don’t you?

(Hmmm…. please excuse my grilling skills or lack thereof. I’m getting better at not burning the edges of my chicken but I always seem to do it somehow since I’m afraid of under cooking it. If you’re great at grilling chicken I would love to know how you do it… pleeeease!!! 😀 )

Grill a bunch of chicken for the week:

Once the chicken is cooled off, I slice it and add it in freezer bags. I freeze them in 6 oz portions so that they’re ready to go when I need them. This is when having a food scale comes in very handy!

Ideas for grilled chicken on the go:

Chicken Salad – Just mix whatever you want it! Keep it healthy of course:-)

Chicken Fajitas – Sauté onions and bell pepper in a little bit of olive oil over high heat, add the chicken, salt and peppa. Make sure you have some salsa handy, low calorie tortillas and there you go! easy chicken fajitas!

Chicken Sandwich – Low calorie bread, tomato, lettuce, avocado, etc. Just be creative!

Chicken quesadillas

Chicken over pasta and marinara sauce

Chicken and steamed veggies –  Keep frozen ones veggies handy so that you can nuke them and they’re  ready to go in 3 minutes!

The options are endless! Just be creative and you’ll never be tempted to eat junk food!

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