Product Review: Chile Lime Chicken Burgers

Every time I go to Trader Joe’s I feel like a kid in a candy store! I mean, what is not to like about this store? Great prices, healthy choices, unique items plus you feel like a hipster when you shop there! (“hipster” is a word my son Andrew uses to describe a person that is very hip haha). Last week I picked up a new item that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. It looks delicious, it’s low calorie plus high in protein. Wouldn’t you want to try it too?

Chile Lime Chicken Burgers from Trader Joe’s.

I like to stay away from processed foods as much as possible but I found this product very helpful for the times I’m in a hurry and need a quick lunch. Ever have those days that it’s 2 pm and you realize you haven’t had lunch yet? ugh! Well, the other day was one of those days so I grabbed a patty from the freezer and cooked it on a grill pan.

Fixed it in a Sandwich thin , added low fat mayo, spinach, jalapeños plus salt and peppa. I didn’t have avocado otherwise I would’ve added some too.

It passed the test! It was juicy, flavorful plus very easy to make. I’m definitely keeping this in my bag of tricks :~)

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