You are your own worst enemy

The expression “You are your own worst enemy” is used often but have you really stopped to think how this applies to you?

A few friends close to me know how I feel about people that are not so healthy and still refuse to make any changes or do something about it. You still see them smoking, eating junk food, not exercising, drinking too much alcohol, etc. They know what they need to change but they choose the easy way out which is to give in to their addictions. It used to not bother me but now it upsets me (I need to work on not letting it get to me). It upsets me that there is nothing I can do to help them change their ways.

They know exactly what to do… most likely the doctor has told them so, the news talks about it, they watch Dr Oz all the time, magazines and newspaper have health articles, but they still ignore every bit of advice. So what do the rest of us do? Unfortunately, watch them die a slow death. And no, I’m not being dramatic about it.

See, this is a subject that I feel very strong about since I lost my mom recently due to her health. She had diabetes (with all of its complications) and she refused to eat the right foods, ate too many of the wrong ones & did not exercise. She could’ve lived a better, longer life if she did the right things. It was very painful for her family to go thru her slow death process. Do you really want to put your family thru something similar? I sure don’t!

So for the people out there that feel guilty for making time for themselves to exercise and take care of their health, please don’t feel guilty about it. You’re doing your family a favor and there is no greater way to show them your love than taking care of yourself. Start today!

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