Why Are Thin People Not Fat

I hope you make the time to watch the attached documentary. It’s fascinating to say the least. It’s a British study about why thin people do not get fat. It’s broken in 7 parts 9 minutes each.

Instead of adding my comments on what I think about it, I’ll let you watch it first so that you actually watch it instead of reading my conclusions:-)

I will say a couple of things though to motivate you to watch the entire documentary:

1) Overweight children tend to be overweight adults. In my opinion: Parents, do your kids a favor and make sure they stay at a healthy weight. Teach them to eat healthy at a young age. You say you love them? Show them your love by keeping them healthy! It saddens me to see the obesity rate increase in children. They don’t know better… but you do!

2) It’s much better never to get fat to begin with so that your body doesn’t think that’s its normal weight and then fight you when trying to lose weight. Do not increase your fat cells!

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