Not-So-Obvious Fat-Loss Mistake – Starting Too Late!

What a week! Well, it actually started last week and it hasn’t stopped! busy busy busy socializing and celebrating. Too much of it to say the least… and I still have another day of celebration… this Saturday my friends and I are getting together to celebrate my birthday that was yesterday (it was a blast!). See, I’ve always been a social butterfly but I think I’ve started to change and I love being at home! I still like to go out and have fun but I can spread those out and I will not have a problem with it.

I think tomorrow I’m just renting a move and will stay in 😉

Today was Delts & Bis… Great workout! Diet was spotless too! (shhh… let’s not talk about yesterday’s diet shall we? Just in case The Coach is reading this lol!)

I found these hugemongous buns at Fresh & Easy and decided to have one for my post workout meal. They’re only 140 calories!!! How can something so big and dense have so little calories? I added a little sugar free strawberry jelly plus a couple of tbsp of PB2 to meet perfectly the macros allowed for my post workout carbs… plus a vanilla protein shake of course! Can I say that I’m in love with my post workout meals?

P I N_______I M A G E

Now I’m going to share a note that The Coach added on Facebook today. This is exactly how I feel regarding my contest prep and that’s why I decided to start prepping waaaay early. I want to give my body plenty of time to get there… even if it means being ready early. 
Not-So-Obvious Fat-Loss Mistake – Starting Too Late!

There’s nothing worse than having these big plans to be in great shape by a certain date … only to realize you’re not going to make it. Why? Because you started too late and didn’t give yourself enough time. It’s always best to err on the side of caution and give yourself more than enough time, rather than not enough time. After all, there’s nothing wrong with being in shape too early.  

If it’s your first time trying to take your physique to places it’s never been before, the advice to start early is even more prudent. Everything might look great on paper – the perfect diet, the perfect training program and all the motivation in the world – but you just never know how your body is going to respond, Maybe you’ll be one of the fortunate ones for whom it all works like clockwork. But for everyone outside this category, what tends to happen is they realize they’re behind schedule and they try to play catch up by trying to ‘fast forward’ fat loss.  

The next thing you know you’re doing more cardio than you need to be doing, and eating less calories than you should be eating. Basically, this one mistake forces you to make other mistakes. The next thing you know, you’re saying goodbye to some of your hard-earned muscle. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so give yourself ample time to meet your deadline.  

How much time do you need? This of course depends on one, what is your end goal, and two, how far away from that end goal you presently find yourself. It’s difficult to say how long you’ll need to realize your fat-loss goal as everyone is different. The more weight you need to lose (and therefore the higher your body fat percentage is), the faster you can lose fat but also the longer it takes obviously since you have more to lose. As you get leaner and your bodyfat is lower, your rate of fat loss will decrease. In addition, it’s also wise to remember that fat loss is not a linear phenomenon – some weeks may produce better results than others. The take home point is that if you’ve set a deadline, make sure you give yourself enough time to meet your deadline. 

And when in doubt, give yourself more than enough time.

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