My top 5 beauty products I can’t live without

I pride myself of being a low maintenance woman since I don’t do the facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, nail stuff, I don’t do hair highlights (I use the at home $5 hair color when I need to), and don’t buy too many expensive beauty products. However, I DO NOT want to LOOK like I’m low maintenance! I still like to look stylish even when I go to the gym lol! And yes, I do wear make up to the gym since I usually don’t sweat. So there! Sue me if you want to lol! 
There is nothing wrong with looking like a girl when you’re deadlifting 225# okay? 
Anywaysss… what was I saying? 

  • 1) Famous Dave’s Self Tanner
     – I do not want to look like a leather couch in 10 years so I stay away from tanning beds or baking in the sun! But I also refuse to look like a glowing stick so I can’t live without doing a self tanning ritual each week I LOVE the color of Dave’s Self Tanner (I would stay away from the fair skin one even if you’re very white. I don’t think it would give you enough color) This product doesn’t stink, it gives you an even, natural & beautiful color. And the bottle last forever too! Even Paul uses it to get rid of his farmer’s tan lol. 
2) Ultra Chi Hair Straightener  – I used to believe that getting expensive products didn’t matter when it came to hair care. I used to think that my hair always looked good right after my haircut and getting it styled due to WHO was doing it. I could never replicate the look at home. But now I’m convinced that by using salon quality products & tools you can have good hair everyday. I found this out when I went to get my haircut last time and I had just washed my hair so my hair dresser didn’t even use any of his products on my hair and I still had AMAZING shiny & straight hair afterwards. Granted I had just gotten a haircut but the only other thing he used was the Ultra Chi Flat Iron! He told me about how these things DO make a difference. So as soon as I saw this flat iron on sale at Ulta I added it to my hair tools collection. These things are not cheap but they are worth every penny! Now I can have the beautiful straight hair that I love and could not get with my $20 flat iron.:-)
3) Bed Head (TIGI) Hair Products – I have too many products that I love from Bed Head now and could probably get the entire collection but my budget doesn’t allow it. Here are the ones I buy when they’re on sale: Superstar (Thickening Spray), Spoil Me (Defrizzer, Smoother & Instant Restyler), S Factor (Silky Smooth Moisture Serum) & my favorite: Headrush (Shine Adrenaline with a superfine mist)
4) Bed Head Foundation – It’s oil free, great coverage and it last ALL day long! I use #2.
5) Paula Dorf Special Camouflage (eye concealer) – I have dark circles due to my genetics but now they’re more noticeable that I got very lean. This is the BEST eye concealer that has been able to cover my dark circles and still look natural. I get mine at Ulta but not all Ulta’s carry it. You may have to search for it if you want to give it a try. Or you can buy it online… the best color is the Sand/Nude one and you usually put the darker color one (pinkish color) under your eyes. It blends very well.

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