The kind of competitor I *don’t* want to be

Yesterday was father’s day and I went out to dinner with my fiancee and his family to celebrate. We went to one of my favorite restaurants but I was a little nervous about it since I didn’t know if I was going to be able to resist all of the food temptations I would have around me. I honestly hesitated about going and at one point I even told Paul that I wasn’t going to go. He understood why I decided not to go knowing the dinner would only be 4 weeks before my first show.

After pondering about my decision, I changed my mind and told him that yes, I was going to go after all. Why did I change my mind? I did a little reflection about why I’m doing this competition and the person I’m not willing to become because of it. But first let me tell you that dieting for a show is not easy on the body and on the mind…. that I’m finding out. The closer you get to the show and your bodyfat levels drop, dieting can play a lot of tricks on you! You must use all of the inner strength & discipline you have in order not to eat all of the yummy foods everybody else is eating in front of you. It’s doable but it’s not an easy task.

So here you go, my Top 5 List of Competitors I DON’T want to be:

  1. The competitor that becomes a hermit for fear of messing up their diets – I love socializing and meeting up with people when I can so being stuck in my home for 12 or 16 weeks is a big no no.
  2. The competitor that misses social gatherings so that she doesn’t have to hear comments about her body – Fortunately I have a very supportive group around me and they’re very proud of what I’m doing but if I didn’t? I would say the hell with it… THEY’re the ones that have to deal with it, not me. 
  3. The competitor that gets cranky and hard to deal with because she’s dieting – Why do my loved ones have to deal with my crankiness because I’m dieting? 
  4. The competitor that all she talks about is her competition – Really? There is more to life than just my competition!
  5. The competitor that is too tired for you know what – Well, no comments on this one:-)

So there you have it. I survived last night at Bandera’s and I ended up ordering a salad with rotisserie chicken. I was able to eye ball my chicken portion and the rest was pretty much part of my “free” options. I added lemon, salt & pepper for my dressing and it was delicious! While everybody ate my favorite dessert (banana cream pie), I drank my chamomile tea and tried to focus on the conversation and not on the food.

I have two more tests coming up; a happy hour for work at a Mexican restaurant and a baseball game for work and we’ll be sitting in the all you can eat section. Yikes! I’ll be bringing my lunch box with me and I don’t care what people think.

Today I’m 26 days out! woohoo!

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  • 06/21/2011 - 12:59 am

    BSavage - WOW! I love this, and I love the type of competitor you DO want to be. You’re strong and focused and disciplined…you deserve so much respect and you have mine! Now, that Mexican restaurant? That just sounds like MURDER. LOLReplyCancel

  • 06/21/2011 - 12:59 am

    BSavage - I just noticed your little countdown ticker! SO CUTE!ReplyCancel

  • 06/21/2011 - 10:21 am

    Amanda - isnt it a great feeling when you can go out, have a great time and resist the bad food and stick to your mealplan !!!!! i did that on friday night – sushi, a movie and then coffee – all on track. well done ana !ReplyCancel

  • 06/21/2011 - 12:27 pm

    A Fine Balance - This is fabulous! Great motivation and you’re right its about the type of competitor YOU WANT TO BE. Because it is my first comp. I have been avoiding restaurants because I have been afraid. Afraid to give into temptation, and there have been times where I did nibble on a piece of bread. I do however ask to meet up AFTER a meal is done during the coffee, periods etc, but find people get annoyed with me when I ask of this.

    These are my best friends and I know they are tired of me being on contest prep diet for so long. I just hope they will come around because they are important and were my biggest supporters in the beginning.

    I am also going to take a page out of your book and try to continue to go out even if it means a tea and salad, and fish. Restaurants these days should be able to whip somethign up that’s competition friendly!ReplyCancel

  • 06/21/2011 - 2:33 pm

    ihearteggs - WOOHOO! Great job! I love your list of things you DONT want to be becuase that’s very similar to mine. Even though I chose to not eat out this prep I do fully beleive in still going out, being social, having my coffee/tea while everyone eats. Why cut out life for 8 seconds on stage?!ReplyCancel

  • 06/22/2011 - 9:51 pm

    Ana C. - Thanks sooo much Brooke! I know I won’t be able to stay too long at his happy hour lol

    Hi Amanda! I agree! It’s a great feeling… but only afterwards! lol! Nice that you stayed on track too. It’s hard but it’s doable.

    Hi Fine! It’s a GREAT idea to ask them to meet up afterwards. Hey, if you’re willing to meet with them I don’t see why they should get annoyed… that’s a little selfish on THEIR part if I may say so. If they’re good friends, they’ll come around. They also need to help you get there… I know I would do that for a friend if she needed me for anything. If you decide to go out to a restaurant, look at their menu ahead of time (if they have one online) and you can make your decision before hand so that you’re not tempted to eat something else. Good luck! We’re almost there!

    Hi iHeart! I love what you said about not cut out life for 8 seconds on the stage! That’s so true! Nice perspective. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

  • 07/01/2011 - 1:08 am

    karatenurse - Awesome Post, Ana! (Sorry, I’m a little late in reading it.)

    I feel the same way about the competitor you DON’T want to be. I still went on dates with my husband and went to family gatherings/dinners. What we eat or don’t eat is OUR choice. I kind of felt empowered each time I left a gathering and had not given in to the temptations. Standing on that stage after 16 weeks knowing I had kept it 100% was so much better than any temptation!

    Keep pushin’! You are so close!ReplyCancel

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