Wow! What a show!

As you already know, I competed in the Arizona Open this past Saturday. It was an amazing experience to be part of such a large show. There were 216 competitors and about 60 of them were in the Figure division. I did the Jr Masters (35 yrs of age thru 42) and Open class D. I got second in both classes!!!! I can’t believe I placed so well in such a large show considering this was my first round of competitions.

I was SO nervous on my first show, the weekend before last, that last week I spent my entire time working on my self confidence so that my body wouldn’t shake the same way it did before. I think it worked since I felt MUCH better this time around. I still need to work on my stage presence but this is something that it gets better the more you step on stage. At least I made an improvement and that’s all it matters.

Overall I exceeded my expectations going into this show. Exactly one year ago I decided I would do the AZ Open 2011 and wanted to at least look like I belonged on the stage. Somewhat competitive. However, my secret hope was to place top 5 but I wasn’t really “expecting” it.

Well, not only did I place top 5, I got second place!!! WOW!!! I can’t believe I’m qualified to compete at a National show! I won’t be competing again any time soon since I feel that there are things I still need to work on before I even consider that. Not because you place top 3 on your local show, means your body is ready to compete at the national level. If I ever do that, I want to bring the best package I can bring and again, be somewhat competitive. …. I know at this moment I’m not ready for that.

I’ll talk about what I need to improve on another post 😉

But for now, just know that I’m still in cloud NINE and still trying to soak everything in from this weekend! I was blessed with my friends and family supporting me and giving me strength to be on stage! I also met wonderful & gorgeous ladies and can’t wait to share the stage with them again.

**WARNING** Lots of photos up next:

Backstage before pre-judging

After pre-judging in the lobby with Suzanne Germano (if you haven’t seen her awesome inspirational transformation read all about it HERE! She brought me 3 Happy Hippos and I’m already addicted to them !!

My friend David came to see the show (he’s my Fiancee’s long long long time friend)

Some of my BFFs and my sister came to the morning show as well. How awesome is that? 

Backstage treats. I kept eating peanut M&Ms here and there lol! 

The stage

Backstage with some beautiful competitors

I met Megan in the lobby and she can’t wait to start with Lean Bodies Consulting for her upcoming Figure competition in September. Can’t wait to go see her rock the stage! 


The new Charlie’s Angels!! Black hair, blond & red! What a beautiful combo! 

After finals… The LOVE of my life and I:-) 

More BFFs came to the night show

More hotness! 

And the moment that I couldn’t wait for! A HUGE juicy burger in my mouth! 
I even added bacon and cheese! (something I never do lol) plus a ton of fries!!

Yep! I ate it all!!! Plus a chicken wing. A perfect ending for a perfect day:-) 

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  • 07/26/2011 - 10:00 am

    Amanda - wow ana you looked gorgeous. congrats – what can i say, i’m in awe of you!!!! 😉
    ps yr hubby looks a bit like john travolta (a young one!) esp. around the eyes!!ReplyCancel

  • 07/26/2011 - 12:00 pm

    Anonymous - God bless you my gorgeous gorgeous sister! I’ve been following and loving you and your blog and I couldn’t be happier for you! Tho we’ve never met, olease know that your success and the joy that you radiate as a woman from your words, photos and personality/aura are pure beauty & generosity. It is so obvious that you are a kind, giving woman, Ana and as a fellow sister, I am thrilled that you have such a supportive, genuine, handsome, loving (and obviously Christ-like) man who adores you in your life! You deserve this sister! And I now n my heart that your marriage will be so mutually cherishing, healing and holy (and sexy!!!!). Enjoy being you, gorgeous and keep on shinin’ that Light of yours!!!!
    In awesome sisterhood & the love of God, ChristinaReplyCancel

  • 07/26/2011 - 1:07 pm

    karatenurse - Wow, Ana, you are just GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing your experience through your blog. I truly enjoy reading your posts. Can’t wait to see what the future hold for you. Keep riding that cloud, girl, you deserve every minute of it!ReplyCancel

  • 07/26/2011 - 1:09 pm

    Git It Girl - Awe! The poster above wrote such beauty! Loves it!

    Ana….you looked absolutely amazing! It looked like you had an amazing, wonderful experience and rocked that stage. I am so proud of you and the journey you have been on. I love your blog and think that prep has been pretty painless for you on the foodie side going with Erik….he’s awesome!!! Proud of you girlfriend! HUGS!ReplyCancel

  • 07/26/2011 - 2:43 pm

    Ana C. - @Amanda: Thank you so so much missy! You’re doing a great job too! And yes, Paul has been told that he looks like a young Travolta lol! I’ll tell him you said that too. xoxo

    @Christina: WOW! Your comment left me speechless! You have no idea what your words mean to me even though we have never met like you said. I can tell you’re a great person by the way you express yourself. THANK YOU so much for your kind words!!! They give me strength to keep going! God Bless you!! (p.s. Do you have a blog where I could follow you?)

    @Stacey: Hey girl! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate you following along the way and showing your support! Thanks again! Luv ya!

    @Chelsea: Thank you!!!!!! I do feel very blessed regarding this entire experience and I’m sure yours will be the same. The dieting aspect was like you said, painless compared to what other competitors go thru. I would never do it any other way. Can’t wait to see you on the stage girl! Again, it was great meeting you! xoxoReplyCancel

  • 07/26/2011 - 4:02 pm

    ihearteggs - AMAZING!!! Congrats!ReplyCancel

  • 07/26/2011 - 4:19 pm

    Anonymous - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!ive been DYING for this post! even though i *knew* you would be top 5,i was still waiting to see!!!
    you look so beautiful ana!
    love how your shoulders seem to cap without effort,how lean and athletic you look,with clean,flowing lines that screams “sexy and classy”…
    i am so proud of you and have enjoyed following you along on this awesome journey!
    cant wait to see what you do next!!!!
    melissa cunninghamReplyCancel

  • 07/26/2011 - 10:24 pm

    Chelle Stafford - LOVE IT! You looked fantastic! :-)ReplyCancel

  • 07/28/2011 - 1:36 pm

    Anonymous - hey beautiful Ana! Thank you for letting my words touch you- I meant every word, sister!!!! I don’t yet have a blog, but will soon. I am currently completing a book and will offer encapsulations of the book on a blog once I send the finished volume off to the publisher. It is a book of “sweet, gutsy & Godly sisterhood written in letter-form from myslf to the reader- if you or anyone would like an advanced copy, I will be self-publishing about 100 unofficial “bootleg” copies in a month while I wait for the “official” publisher’s release.
    Ana if you or any of you awesome women would like one of these grassroots copies,
    Feel free to contact me at
    God bless you all!!!! Sisterhood, ChristinaReplyCancel

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