Headphones review: LG Tone HBS-700

A wonderful review from my Tall, Dark, & Handsome Fiance of his awesome headphones:

If you’re looking for a great Blue Tooth in ear headset for the gym this is one I highly recommend – the LG Tone HBS-700. I have tried various models and this is the best by far. I like to wear ball caps or skull caps (beanies) in the gym. This is perfect especially for the beanies. What stands out on this headset is it’s water resistant (so won’t get ruined by sweat), extremely light weight and the function buttons are accurate and easy to feel. Sounds great too! Price runs around $70 and varies on-line. For ease I picked mine up at Best Buy.

With Blue Tooth I don’t have to mess with long cords/wires which can be a pain in the gym especially when I have my chest against a pad or when doing chest exercises in general. I carry a bag with gear around the gym so with this I throw my phone in my bag (this headset has more than enough range – I actually walked all the way to the restroom and still had connection!) and go. No added bulk of the phone clipped on my waste or in my pocket.

The first photo shows the set up close. Note how the ear buds attach magnetically to the set when not in use and how the controls are raised and prominent so you have no problem feeling for them. The second photo shows how it’s worn. It is so light you don’t even feel it around your neck.Have a good workout and enjoy your tunes!

P I N_______I M A G E

Now I just need to get a pair for myself 😉

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  • 03/26/2012 - 4:26 pm

    BamaBelle - Wow! I didn’t even know something like this was available. Very cool!!ReplyCancel

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