Facebook & new header!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Yesterday I went out to lunch with my sons and spent part of the afternoon with them. I also visited my sister which was great since I never get to see her enough. It was nice to have a relaxed girl talk. 
Today I ended up working on my blog’s header (yes, again) since the last one was kind of plain and I wasn’t too trilled about it. I really love what I came up with! After being done with the photo-shoot for the header, I couldn’t stop eating the fresh cherries I bought as props lol!…I can eat an entire bag in one sitting! Does that happen to you with a certain food? 
After a few emails asking me if I had a Facebook account, and the answer is was always no, last night I decided to create a page for Fit, Fun & Delish!!!. My goal is to share my recipes, nutrition tips/links & findings as a continuation of this blog. So thank you to those of you that helped me make the decision to start a page! I hope you visit me on Facebook and “like” it to be more in touch. 

P I N_______I M A G E

Creating the FB page made me realize that I don’t have many recipes for desserts!! How is that possible? What kind of person lacks on choices about sweet stuff? I’m changing that ASAP and this week’s posts will be all about desserts! (except a pork tenderloin recipe I can’t wait to share with you :-D)
Oh, and I also have a confession to make (which I won’t dwell much on it) … I skipped the gym today! I rarely get to do that so playing hookie for a day is really not that bad 😉 

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