Berry Pops

Let’s celebrate today’s 115 degree weather with a popsicle recipe shall we? Yep, you heard that right, today we reached that and probably more in some areas of the valley. While some people in other parts of the country have started commenting how they feel the weather changing from summer to fall, we still have sizzling hot weather in Phoenix. Hopefully this heat wave will end soon or I will melt! 
I have so many recipes I want to make but most of them involve the oven one way or another. I can’t imagine turning it on this week. The weather reports calls for cooler days by the end of the week so I may take advantage of that and make something moist & fluffy:-)
These berry pops are healthy, high in protein and so easy to make! They’re a little bit on the tart side due to the Greek yogurt but you can add more honey than what the recipe calls for if you want. They’re perfect for when you want to eat something healthy and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. 

Berry Pops 
about 53 calories each!

Makes 10 pops 
16 oz Non fat plain Greek Yogurt (I use Voskos)
3 Tablespoons of honey
1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract
4 oz Blueberries
4 oz Raspberries
Mix the Greek yogurt, honey & vanilla extract until well blended. 
Add half of the mixture to the ice pop molds. Add a few whole berries in each mold and push to the bottom of the mold with a toothpick. Freeze the pops for about 15 minutes just to harden them up a bit. 
Meanwhile, in a blender puree the remaining of the Greek yogurt and the berries. Add the mix to the ice pop molds and freeze at least 3 – 4 hours. Enjoy! 

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