A Bike Ride and Lunch (part 1)

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Hello friends! Is everyone happy that it’s finally the weekend? I know I am! I’m meeting some friends for dinner later today that I haven’t seen in a couple of months and can’t wait! A good weekend always involves good food and good company right? This morning was off to a great by baking something delish! Paul has been asking for something sweet so I think I may spoil him a little….and of course I’ll share the recipe with y’all 😉

I really feel good about my blog these days.  I’m finally getting to blog about everything that I intended to do from the beginning.  The purpose of my blog is like the name says: Fit, Fun & Delish! I’m fit – if I do say so myself:)– so I will talk about my workout and fitness plans. I will always blog recipes to take care of the “Delish” part and now I’m happy to be adding the “Fun”. I don’t know what took me so long but here it is!

Going out to eat and blogging about it is part of the Fun and Delish….and for this experience a lot of Fit too (based on our mode of transportation and distance).

Having said that, I want to talk about about a great Saturday Paul and I had the other day. It was a beautiful day in Scottsdale with a clear sky and cool 70 degrees. Can’t beat this weather in January & February!

Doing something outdoors was a must. So we grabbed our bikes and off we went.

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We took our bikes along the Indian Bend Wash multi-purpose path.  Scottsdale is truly a bicycle friendly community and has won awards because of it.  Bicycling is good for the environment and good for your health!  The path along Indian Bend Wash runs from Shea Boulevard in Scottsdale all the way to McKellips Road at the Tempe city border.  About 11 miles in total distance.  The path is completely paved and has numerous under passes so bikers can avoid traffic.  We loaded the bikes on the car and drove to Mt. View Park (just south of Shea) to pick up the path.  The scenery is beautiful and all sorts of people use the trail – families biking, couples walking, joggers, and roller bladers.  On this day our ride covered about 7 miles along the path.

See the map of the path at the bottom of this post.

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I’m taking this opportunity to show off our badass tires :o)
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Portraits during the bike ride are a must too!  Unlike me, Paul is a VERY serious biker (ha, ha).
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Our destination was to have lunch at Olive & Ivy at the Scottsdale’s Waterfront. As you can see riding your bike to this restaurant is very popular! I really want to duplicate this trip…same path, same destination. I would not change a thing.

Please see PART  II (coming soon) where I talk about Olive & Ivy. Two words for now: AWESOME food!

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We started on point 21 and rode all the way to point 10. On Camelback Rd we went East ending at the Waterfront area where our destination was at:

Scottsdale Shared PathP I N_______I M A G E

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