White Chicken Chili

Oh hello there! Long time no talk! Can we ignore the fact that I took a 3 month hiatus and pretend I was never gone?

Chipotle Pork Tortas

Tortas are the classic Mexican sandwich with so many variations just like with tacos. Every different region in

Baked Potato Soup

Hello friends! This cloudy weather (rare in Phoenix) has me craving creamy soups! It’s finally fall and cooler

Healthy Creamy Turkey Enchiladas

Anyone can eat delicious homemade Mexican food and make it healthy too!  This dish offers a terrific way to do just

Homemade Personal Pizza

Hi peeps! How are you? I hope you had a lovely holiday weekend! We didn’t do anything special other than chill

House Salad & Balsamic Fig Dressing

House Salad with Balsamic Fig Dressing – Made with greens, berries, praline pecans, shaved parmesan, and the

Orecchiette Pasta with Shrimp + Peas

Hey guys, I have a quick mid-week recipe for you today. This Orecchiette Pasta with Shrimp + Peas is so quick to make,

Ravioli with Creamy Shallot Sauce

If you like to cook I think it’s a must to have a few sauces up your sleeve that are quick and easy to make.

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

I made these pies this weekend not realizing today is Pi Day. Somehow I always miss these “National” food

Chicken Tinga (Tinga de Pollo)

Chicken Tinga is a classic Mexican dish made with shredded chicken, onions, potatoes, chorizo and an adobe-tomato

Hearty Couscous Salad with Light Chipotle Vinaigrette

This Hearty Couscous Salad with Light Chipotle Vinaigrette will please all of your taste buds with a perfect

Red Beef Pozole

Hello!!! You know what time it is? It’s Pozole and Tamales time baby! These are the most traditional Mexican

Pomegranate Quinoa Salad

Hi friends! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you all ate some delicious things! My celebration was fantastic and I

Sweet Potato Risotto

I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving but I happily (and quickly) embraced it when I moved to the US. I

Apple Lemon Salad

More than Oktoberfest, it feels like it’s applefest season! Every where I look, it’s all about apples which

Healthier Italian Meatballs

Time flies when you’re having fun right? And also when you’re super busy! Oh my, it seems that not too

Chicken Pomodoro with Garlic Spaghetti

We all know that weeknight dinners are always a struggle since most of us have busy lives. I feel confident to say

Asparagus Soup

Hello friends! It’s great to be back after a one week break from blogging! I did miss you all But sometimes you

Light Chicken Francese

Chicken Francese is made with boneless chicken breast and a light creamy lemony sauce. The chicken is pounded to

Grilled Salmon with Tomato-Red Onion Relish

I’ve been on a fish grilling kick lately. I think by now I have almost done it in every single way you can do

Tomato and Basil Galette

Pair this summery savory Galette with grilled steak, seafood or chicken to make the perfect meal. Ahhh

Farro Salad with Artichokes

This italian style salad is packed with nutritious ingredients and the farro will help you stay full longer as

Grilled Steak Kebabs & Potatoes

Grilled Steak Kebabs & Potatoes. These kebabs are made with beef tenderloin which is the leanest and most tender

Green Chicken Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles is a Mexican classic dish made with tortilla chips, smothered in green or red sauce, and other main

Shrimp & Scallops Fettuccine

Welcome to the new Muy Delish blog! We got a new name & a new coat of paint and it’s ready to

Fish Piccata

It’s been 3 weeks since I last shared a recipe. 3 weeks!! This break wasn’t intentional but

Homemade Rosemary Croutons

Hi friends! I decided to share this quick recipe at the last minute for your weekend eats. I made these

Healthy Pork Carnitas with Pineapple Salsa

ne of my goals for 2015 was to simplify my life and let go of things that have no real meaning or add value to

Brussels Sprouts Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

You guys, I’m hooked! I’m hooked on making vinaigrette dressings at home. I find no reason to buy

Greek Shrimp & Pasta

I really didn’t know what to call this recipe. I started out with “Lemon Shrimp & Pasta”

Albondigas Soup

I pride myself on how good I make Albondigas soup. After all, it tastes just like how my mom used to make it.

Healthy Beef Chili

Hi all! How was your weekend my friends? Are you ready for the holidays? I still have some shopping to do but

How to make Beef Tamales (Tutorial)

Okay let me start with a disclaimer that this blog post is not about pretty photos. This post is all about how

Traditional Red Sauce (Chile Rojo For Tamales, Enchiladas, Chile Con Carne and more!)

Oh hi there!!!! How are you all doing?? I’m doing superb and finally enjoying the great weather that

Creamy Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup

I really do love my veggies. It is rare to find a veggie I don’t like. It must be due to my upbringing.

Pie Crust (back to basics)

Are you all excited that it’s baking season again?? Once the temperatures start to go down you know

Mexican Beef Tenderloin

Hi all, did you have a nice weekend? I hope you did! I had a super busy weekend and I’m still very tired

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich

Do you cook certain dishes at home because they taste better then what you can get anywhere else? This Grilled

Tomatillo Sauce

Hi peeps! How are you this lovely Thursday? I know you’re doing good since it’s almost the weekend!

Shrimp Tacos and Pineapple Salsa

z Hi friends!!! I apologize for this super short post but I can’t wait any longer to share this recipe with you.

Seasoned Grilled Pork Tenderloin

It was about time I shared this recipe with you. Besides the fact that it has been sitting on this blog for

Chicken Breast with Warm Tomato Salad

I’m a little disappointed that the summer is upon us and we haven’t taken any trips yet this year.

Asian Dressing + Sally’s Smart Almonds Giveaway

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and did something fun! I pretty much did nothing other

Calabacitas (Mexican Style Zucchini)

Hi FF&D friends! I’m super excited about this 3 day weekend! Not because I have a lot of plans but the fact

Curry Chicken Salad Sliders

. This recipe has been on my mind for over two months and I could not wait any longer to make it. Back in February we

Shredded Kale & Quinoa Salad

I think I’m a late bloomer by nature. There are many things in life that I didn’t get into until everybody

Baked Salmon

I’ve probably been a seafood lover since I was in my mom’s tummy. My family had a house on the beach about

Asian Steak Kebabs

Oh hey guys! Can you believe this is the third time I’ve blogged in less than 7 days? I think this is a record!

Beets & Carrot Salad (with Champagne Vinaigrette)

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take Mr. Delish to a wonderful farm that we have right in the middle of town. More

Skinny Taco Salad

Hello Friends! Taco Tuesday is here and I have a recipe for you! A Taco Salad qualifies perfectly for this occasion in

Shrimp with Cauliflower & Almonds

Well hello friends!!! I hope you all had a fantastic and productive week! Are you still working on your resolutions or

Green Enchiladas

Phew….the portrait season is almost over for me!  I finally have time to blog recipes more consistently! This

Sloppy Joes

A few weeks ago Mr Delish and I realized that we were tired of eating the same things on weeknights week after week

How to make Beef Chorizo (Healthy)

You can’t go to a Mexican restaurant and not see Chorizo on the menu. Even grocery stores carry a version of

Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

Here I am standing at the kitchen counter typing this post and I’m cold! It’s 110 degrees out and my air

Farro Salad with Artichoke Hearts

Summers always make me wish I lived somewhere else. Partly due to the high heat index we have in Phoenix but also due

Summer Orzo Pasta Salad

Hi guys, are you ready for Fourth of July celebrations? This is a short post since I want to get this recipe out to

Chimichurri Sauce

As you know today is the first day of summer and for most people this means outdoor activities, picnics, parties,

Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa

It’s Monday and I’m super excited guys! No, no, it’s not the Monday part that got me pumped up but I can’t tell you

Sopa (Traditional Mexican Soup)

Sometimes the best dishes you have in your life are the simple ones that you have eaten since you were a child. The

Couscous with Herbs, Apples & Cranberries

I love the simplicity of couscous.  I mean, you boil water or chicken/vegetable stock, you throw the couscous in there,

Quinoa Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette

Yesterday (4/28) was Mr. Delish and my First Wedding Anniversary. I can’t believe we have been married for

Greek Roasted Potatoes

Okay guys, so I’ve posted a lot of sweet stuff lately (popsicles, scones, muffins, granola, cookies) so

Braised chicken with capers & parsley

Ever since I started my quest for building muscle it has been rare that I eat a meal without protein. Beef, chicken,

The Best Tuna Casserole

Even though I love to whine complain about how hot is still here, I can’t help myself from turning  the oven to

Chicken Tortilla Soup {low fat}

Who says that Mexican food is fattening? As a matter of fact, most foods in Mexico are rather healthy. The Mexican

Skinny Cheddar Bay Biscuits

One of the rewards you get when baking your own goods is the aroma that  fills your home with the warm smell coming

Roasted Veggies with Farro and Grilled Shrimp

 Tonights dinner has some of my favorite ingredients that I like to eat on a weekly basis; carrots, zucchini, shrimp

Not your ordinary Shrimp Creole

You might’ve guessed that I have a huge affinity for seafood. Shrimp specially. I think it’s due to my

Blackened Salmon Tacos

Growing up in Mexico I had every imaginable kind of taco on a weekly basis; pork, beef, chicken, manta ray, shrimp,

Grilled Vegetable Couscous with Grilled Shrimp

My intentions were to blog about some wonderful oatmeal cookies I made yesterday but they weren’t

Summer Penne Pasta & Workouts

Hello Dahhhllings! How’s everybody doing this hot Thursday? I’m telling you, we’re melting in

Grilled Vegetable Couscous with Grilled Chicken

with lemon & feta cheese Adapted from Cuisine at home – Grilled Dinners This salad is delicious anyway you

The easiest Shrimp Tacos you will ever make!

I’m telling you, these are the easiest Shrimp Tacos you’ll ever make. What’s better than easy, fast,

Sweet Potatoes-Nature’s Health Food

Yeay! I finally have a sweet potato fries recipe I can share with you! I made sweet potato fries before but all of the

Shrimp Ceviche

I’ve seen many version of ceviche but very of them stand out as good ones. Most of the ones I find at restaurants

Salsa de Sonora

From mi casa to su casa Do you want to impress your guest next time you have a party at home or go to a potluck? Try

Meat & Potatoes Rubbed The Right Way

Today Paul and I worked out earlier than our usual time. We normally go after dinner but since Paul had the day off

Balsamic Grilled Vegetables & Spicy Shrimp

Today was another hot summer day here in Arizona. That didn’t stop me from going out there in the blasting heat

Cochinita Pibil

Mexican food is not a healthy option when it comes to mind for most people. There are however MANY recipes that are not

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